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Master Classes

Master classes and lectures serve as important supplements to both classroom and performance experiences. Several are presented each semester by the music faculty as well as visiting artists.


The Department of Music at UConn offers a wide range of ensembles in which students participate. The ensembles perform multiple concerts throughout the year and showcase a range of BFA and MFA student recitals.

Upcoming Performances

  1. Feb 7 The New Klezmer: Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band8:00pm
  2. Feb 12 Sarah Marze - Soprano Recital12:00pm
  3. Feb 12 Freshman-Sophomore Singers Showcase5:00pm
  4. Feb 12 Christopher Gonzalez - Trombone Recital8:00pm
  5. Feb 17 Tim McAllister Recital5:30pm
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Von der Mehden Recital Hall is back to full capacity for all concerts. Masks are not required, but we strongly support the wearing of masks by members of our community. All concerts will continue to be livestreamed for those that may prefer to attend the events remotely. Thank you for your understanding and support.